Monday, 16 July 2012

Flash Back Friday

 Its week again.....and this week im flashing back to 21st July 1999.
This weekend my eldest is going to be turning 13.
Thats right, im going to be officially a mum to a teenager......OMG! where did the time go.
I really feel like the kids are all growing up way too quickly and it does make me sad that they're not my babys anymore but they also make me very proud and extremley happy of what lovely lads they are turning into.
Its been hard letting the apron strings loosen but im getting to grips with it now and letting him find his own freedom.   
I've got a feeling that when it comess to my daughter turning into a teenager, its gonna be a whole different ball game.....espesh when it comes to boys!!!   Now thats something i am dreading!!!   but we've got quite a while to go until then.....thank god!
although thinking about my daughter becoming a teenager is a whole new scary thought because that means my eldest will be 24!    OMG!!!!

My teenager

Me with Lewis when he was a few days old

wearing his glasses


Daddy with Lewis when he was a few hrs old

bath time

with our 1st dog

1st holiday away to the Lake District

daddy & Lewis



my little poser   


Anyway back to the now.........Happy 13th Birthday for Saturday Lewis......Love you so much..........Mum & Dad xx


Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Gallery : Food

I love, love, love peanut butter & celery, personally i don't think its weird, but it does raise a few eyebrows of disgust......but i don't care....its yummy!

My other fave snack of choice is hot rice pudding with a big blob of vanilla ice cream on top......i think its the mixture of hot and cold that i love and the ice cream makes it even creamier......delicious!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Flasback Friday : Summer

        Our 1st dance song

This weeks  is: Summer

This time 12 years ago I was getting very excited as in 2 days time I was due to get married.

All the planning was done and finally we were about to enjoy all the hardwork.

It was July 8th 2000 that we said our vows and we became husband & wife....

So on Sunday it will be our 12th Wedding Anniversary....and we're celebrating it by having a completley kiddy free weekend (courtesy of my Aunty & Uncle, and im still not convinced they understand what theyve agreed to haha).....we've got a day of shopping planned on Saturday, a romantic meal on Saturday night and a day at Alton Towers on Sunday, followed by picking the kiddy crew up on the way home :D

Photo oppurtunity as hubby & wife at our reception

Me & my dad before I said 'I do'

The hubbys side

My side

Leaving church as husband & wife


The Gallery : Everyday

The prompt for this weeks Gallery is: Everyday

As I don't drive this is what I have to condend with on a daily basis.
Come rain or shine, you will find me most days walking up and down this hill.
I love my house but I really wish I could move it to the bottom of the hill :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Gallery: Hands

This weeks Gallery prompt is hands.
This pic is from when when my daughter was christened last year.
I love this picture, it is my daughter and nephews hands.....there is only 5 weeks between them and even though they dont see each other very often they are very close when they do get togethor and turn into the terrible twosome.
Lets hope they keeps this bond as they get older.

My 2nd pic is of my beautiful baby girl a few days after she was born.
Weighing in at 3 1/2lb she was very small and I love the way the size of my hubbys hand shows how tiny she is because looking at her now you do forget how small she actually was.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

P.I.P. impants, the wait continues

On Tuesday I finally went to my appointment at the hospital, for what I thought was meant to be a scan to see if my P.I.P. implants had ruptured.......but instead it turned out it was just a consultation????
I was very peeved off with this as I know the ins and outs of everything that is happening with this scandal....after all Ive been waiting a while for various appointments and thought I would actually know what is going on and I would be now deciding my next course of it is Ive been left waiting for yet another date for the actual scan.

The appointment didn't start well, with the nurse doing my weight & height and making me feel like a complete and utter freak in the process......ok i have a low bmi and i am what you would class as 'skinny' but it certainly ain't through lack of eating (which is what i felt like she was implying).....i am sick to death of having to explain and defend myself to the hilt about my body size......i started reeling off my word perfect spiel (I've had to say it that many times) 'i was born like this, i was under the hospital until i was 7 with them performing all sorts of tests to see what was wrong with me, for them to finally put it down to the fact i simply don't carry body fat and will always be like it and that I'm perfectly healthy, the fact I've had 5 children and yes i do eat....lots!....and I've been to countless doctors through my life asking them if they've come up with a genius solution to gain weight to be told simply to eat more :S 

The P.I.P. breast implants I had fitted near on 9 years ago were to help me feel more like a woman rather than being stuck in a child's body and they have given me a lot more confidence over the years and stopped me looking as much like a stick insect.

The lecture from the surgeon involved him performing his sales pitch on me that he had his own 'private practice', maybe in the hope I would throw some money his way?? and also to be told that on 1 hand if I took the actual clinic where I originally had them done to court they should really in theory have to pay out due to them putting faulty items in me (he refereed to it as buying a faulty toaster hmmmm) and then on the other hand if I did take them to court theres no 1 to sue because no ones taking the blame cos they aren't really at fault????  
It all left me in a bit of a daze and weepy and I just ended up sitting there with his waffling drifting off  into the distance.
I finally snapped out of my daze and asked him if I was even going to have my scan that day because this is what i was lead to believe i was actually there for.....he finally booked me in for a scan after more waffling.
Finishing on him making me feel like i had to give him a decision there and then on what i wanted to happen after the scan depending on the results.
By this point I politely said 'please can I just have the scan first and see if there is a problem and then I will decide what I am going to do'

So once again I'm left waiting and still none the wiser about anything apart from the impending feeling of eventually my bank account being a light lighter than it should be to sort out this mess

Friday, 8 June 2012

Flashback Friday: Young Love

This weeks  is Young Love.
I had just turned 17 when I met my future hubby to be in a nightclub in Rhyl, North Wales on New Years Eve 1998.
It wasn't the most normal of meetings as I was dressed up as a black the time I had bumped into him I was a little bit on the drunk side and had somehow acquired a cork Aussie type hat to go with the cat combo (yes very attractive...not!!)
I made the 1st move (being under the influence of alcohol probably helped with my up frontness, and isn't something i would of normally done).
By the end of the night he had also met my sister (she was dressed up as a fairy princess) and my parents (my mum was dressed as the Statue of Liberty and my dad I cant actually remember).
As I say possibly not the most normal of starts to a relationship :D
It was also a bit difficult with the fact I was living in North Wales and was also in College and he lived & worked in Liverpool.
We visited each other regularly and I can remember our first 'proper date' was to the pub on the ski slopes in Llandudno.
We went through quite a lot in a short space of time at the beginning and i suppose this made us strong as a couple.
We even played with the idea of moving to Grand Cayman when he was offered a job as a jeweller there, it would of been to clients coming off of cruise ships that arrived there.
He went for all the interviews in London and had  been virtually offered the job, but there was a small problem in that we would of had to of got married there and then & it would of been no fairy tale wedding as there simply wouldn't of been no time, it also meant that if we had of decided to do it and make the move I wouldn't of been allowed to work.
Maybe it would of been a great opportunity for us but we felt that it was the wrong time to do it and so we didn't end up going.....I don't actually regret the decision as it simply wasn't the right time and dint feel right.

We booked our very 1st holiday together to Ibiza a few months later and this is where he proposed.
When we got back I moved to Liverpool with him, I fell pregnant not long after.
By 1999 I had given birth to our 1st son & we had bought our first house.
By 2000 we had got married and was celebrating our baby's 1st birthday.
We've been through a hell of a lot together......good & bad.....and in July we will be celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary.
I have also blogged about that here if you fancy a bit of a read : Wedding Anniversary task  & Wedding Anniversary Task - Part 2     

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