Monday, 16 July 2012

Flash Back Friday

 Its week again.....and this week im flashing back to 21st July 1999.
This weekend my eldest is going to be turning 13.
Thats right, im going to be officially a mum to a teenager......OMG! where did the time go.
I really feel like the kids are all growing up way too quickly and it does make me sad that they're not my babys anymore but they also make me very proud and extremley happy of what lovely lads they are turning into.
Its been hard letting the apron strings loosen but im getting to grips with it now and letting him find his own freedom.   
I've got a feeling that when it comess to my daughter turning into a teenager, its gonna be a whole different ball game.....espesh when it comes to boys!!!   Now thats something i am dreading!!!   but we've got quite a while to go until then.....thank god!
although thinking about my daughter becoming a teenager is a whole new scary thought because that means my eldest will be 24!    OMG!!!!

My teenager

Me with Lewis when he was a few days old

wearing his glasses


Daddy with Lewis when he was a few hrs old

bath time

with our 1st dog

1st holiday away to the Lake District

daddy & Lewis



my little poser   


Anyway back to the now.........Happy 13th Birthday for Saturday Lewis......Love you so much..........Mum & Dad xx


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