Saturday, 5 May 2012

Born Too Soon – Link-up for pre-term babies

I have 5 children (4 of which were prem) with my fabulous hubby.

I went into labour at 38 wks with my 1st, 34 wks with my 2nd, 34 wks with my 3rd, 33+5 with my 4th (I gave birth in Cyprus whilst we were living there but all my others were born in the UK) & 32 wks with my 5th baby.

Premature labour isn't easy no matter how many times you've experienced fact I'd say I was the most scared with my 5th baby.
I got through it with a lot of love & support from my family, friends & the doctors & nurses.
Its like being on one major emotional roller coaster and it feels like you've had the normalness cruelly snatched away from you and instead you are dealing with a tiny baby that you cant do an awful lot for other than touch their hand and be there watching them, talking to them, until they are well enough for a cuddle, nappy change etc.
I think you have it in your head when your pregnant of what is normal and what you can do for your baby  after you've had them and that's the bit you look forward to all throughout your pregnancy, but having a premature baby kind of throws all this out of the window and your plans are changed for you (eg your baby is tube fed and you cant breast feed straight away or even that 1st proper cuddle is put on hold)......the machines all bleeping away is pretty scary too and by the time your baby leaves hospital you will know what every single bleep and wire means.
Your life becomes consumed with the thought of getting your baby home safe and well, they're in every thought, every dream.....nothing else matters until theyr'e home safe.
The weeks they're in special care is awful and when you've got older children at home it makes it even worse and taking them home can be a pretty scary experience too,  but once your home and into a routine you forget that they are super small and just get on with it.  Although having to leave hospital without your baby is truly awful and you cant help but feel jealous of the other smiling parents carrying their new bundles of joy home in their car seats, it seems so unfair and you count down the days until its your turn.
Its not an easy time and I'm just so thankful that even though my children were premature they are now healthy / happy / normal children that you wouldn't even think had been premmies to look at them now.
Between my 5 kids Ive had a whole host of un-wonderful ailments: panic attacks, back to back labours, episiotomys, forceps, vanishing twin syndrome, Obstetric Colostasis, severe varicose veins, having a Shirodokar stitch,  placenta praevia, 1 emergency c-section.

Even though I didn't have great pregnancy's & labours, i wouldn't have it any other way.......I love my kiddies and I'm just so grateful they're here & healthy.


  1. Thank you ever so much for linking up, and especially the beautiful pictures of your children.

    I can't wait to read more about your amazing family and so glad I found your blog.

  2. Wow 4 preemies! Pleased they have all done so well.
    You must be very busy with 5 children. Look forward to reading about them in your blog.

  3. I've never heard of anyone having 4 premmies before! Well done and so glad that they are all thriving x

  4. Thank you for reading :)
    My little bundles of joy are now nearly 13, nearly 9, 5, 3 & not so small anymore but we've def finished our family now (hubby had the snip last year) but we did get a puppy at Christmas(shes worse than the kids haha) x