Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wedding Anniversary Task - Part 2

So here's where I'm at with the Wedding Anniversary Task (as of yet haven't bought any of it but at least I now have some sort of idea of what I'm getting him) :D


1, Pewter Keepsake Token - Soulmate token (forever and always)

Something he can keep in his wallet




 2,  Map of the world & Marking Flags

We both love travelling and this is to plan everywhere we want to go, now & in the future....maybe also we can mark where we have been already??




3, Cool Water Aftershave

Customary bottle of aftershave :D

4, Agent Provocateur Tuberose Intoxication Massage Oil & Massage book

Need I say more ? ;P

5, Tattoo Gift Voucher

He's got 1 large tattoo on his calf but really wants another on his arm (I'm leaving the design to him as he knows what he wants, but I know it has got something to do with me & the 5 kids.......

6, Sexy Undies

Again speaks for itself........although I'm going with the theme of Silk, seeing as this is what 12th Anniversary is.......ahhhh see I'm being a little bit clever

7,  The Art of Marriage personalised poem

I love the idea of this and think its very romantic

8, Having a new thin style wedding band made up (out of my old gold) & set with 12 tiny diamonds (out of my old ring), to wear along side his wedding ring

Something I've wanted to get for him for a while now, as we were skint when we got married, so his wedding ring is a cheapy 1 (i don't want to replace his actual wedding ring as that's the 1 that was blessed when we got married, so it wouldn't feel right getting rid of it).......really need to pull my finger out with this 1, maybe a trip into town this week!

9, Trainers

Not just any trainers......the hubby loves running and knows exactly what he likes......all i know so far is they've got to be Asics, this is going to be a difficult one as he is really fussy with trainers

10, Sports Car Fund - Pot of Dreams money box

Maybe 1 day he will get the car of his dreams!

11, Photo / Scrap Book

A collection of photos & keepsakes from when we 1st met.......ahhhhhh V.Romantic :D 

12, Thornton's Classics

His fave choccies, he buys these for me......and then we share them hahaha

Of course this is all subject to change...........

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