Friday, 1 June 2012

Flash Back Friday: Bankholidays

This weeks is anything to do with Celebration / Royal / London / Commemoration / Anniversary / Bank holiday

Due to limited photos (hopefully I'm getting all these back when my parents come over from Cyprus for Christmas) but for now I'm having to stick with whatever photos I have on Facebook :D

I have settled on Bank Holiday

I think this was about 3 yrs ago (I might be wrong)

I love Bank Holidays in Cyprus, especially Green Monday....and yes, its something I do miss now we're living back in the UK.

                                                  We would all pack up our bbq's and head to the beach and there we would stay all day eating, drinking & messing about.....maybe even a spot of kite flying & a game of rounders :D

Hope everyone has a lovely jubilee weekend...........



  1. I think that was the one I was at, in which case it was 2 years ago cos I haven't been here 3! Great photos, and it was a good bbq, my first beach bbq I'd been too :)

    1. i thought i was wrong but couldnt figure it out for the life of me haha

  2. At least in Cyprus you are less likely to get rain on a bank holiday weekend! X