Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hair today, gone tommorrow

This week I made the very brave decision to allow my hubby to cut my 5 year olds hair.
It doesn't sound that drastic, but it oh so was.
I was nearly crying as he did it and couldn't believe I had allowed it to happen (the hubby was chuffed....hes been waiting for this day for a long time)
He had beautiful blond long hair, the same style he had since he first grew hair, so I think it was really me saying bye bye to baby Jamie & hello to my little boy Jamie.
Jamie however was ecstatic at having had it all chopped off, he proved this by running round the room screaming 'i can run faster now mum' and 'i can hear stuff' :D
It made me realise also that its something I should of really done a while ago, and it was this that made me realise when he said 'i look like a boy now and not a baby'......and he does, he has got such a gorgeous, cute little face and now i can see it was a shame to cover it up with a mop of hair (i may be slightly biased)

And after

My gorgeous little boy


  1. Am laughing my head off at the 'I can hear stuff now' comment! He does look much better now though, and he'll always be your baby anyway - he looks really smart :)

    1. Hes a right little melon sometimes....he has me rolling with some of the stuff he comes out with, he really thinks this is going to improve his 'ninja skills' and cant wait to show his friends when he goes back to school.....he is a little loon!