Friday, 8 June 2012

Flashback Friday: Young Love

This weeks  is Young Love.
I had just turned 17 when I met my future hubby to be in a nightclub in Rhyl, North Wales on New Years Eve 1998.
It wasn't the most normal of meetings as I was dressed up as a black the time I had bumped into him I was a little bit on the drunk side and had somehow acquired a cork Aussie type hat to go with the cat combo (yes very attractive...not!!)
I made the 1st move (being under the influence of alcohol probably helped with my up frontness, and isn't something i would of normally done).
By the end of the night he had also met my sister (she was dressed up as a fairy princess) and my parents (my mum was dressed as the Statue of Liberty and my dad I cant actually remember).
As I say possibly not the most normal of starts to a relationship :D
It was also a bit difficult with the fact I was living in North Wales and was also in College and he lived & worked in Liverpool.
We visited each other regularly and I can remember our first 'proper date' was to the pub on the ski slopes in Llandudno.
We went through quite a lot in a short space of time at the beginning and i suppose this made us strong as a couple.
We even played with the idea of moving to Grand Cayman when he was offered a job as a jeweller there, it would of been to clients coming off of cruise ships that arrived there.
He went for all the interviews in London and had  been virtually offered the job, but there was a small problem in that we would of had to of got married there and then & it would of been no fairy tale wedding as there simply wouldn't of been no time, it also meant that if we had of decided to do it and make the move I wouldn't of been allowed to work.
Maybe it would of been a great opportunity for us but we felt that it was the wrong time to do it and so we didn't end up going.....I don't actually regret the decision as it simply wasn't the right time and dint feel right.

We booked our very 1st holiday together to Ibiza a few months later and this is where he proposed.
When we got back I moved to Liverpool with him, I fell pregnant not long after.
By 1999 I had given birth to our 1st son & we had bought our first house.
By 2000 we had got married and was celebrating our baby's 1st birthday.
We've been through a hell of a lot together......good & bad.....and in July we will be celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary.
I have also blogged about that here if you fancy a bit of a read : Wedding Anniversary task  & Wedding Anniversary Task - Part 2     

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  1. I enjoyed reading the story of how you met your husband; sounds like you were made for one another. Happy Flashback Friday.

  2. What a lovely story about how your and your hubby met and fell in love. To get to 12 years of marriage is a great achievement too especially nowadays xx

    1. Thank you :D We are celebrating with a kid free day out to Alton Towers & a meal in July (kids are all going to my Aunty & Uncles for the night)....i cant wait!