Thursday, 14 June 2012

P.I.P. impants, the wait continues

On Tuesday I finally went to my appointment at the hospital, for what I thought was meant to be a scan to see if my P.I.P. implants had ruptured.......but instead it turned out it was just a consultation????
I was very peeved off with this as I know the ins and outs of everything that is happening with this scandal....after all Ive been waiting a while for various appointments and thought I would actually know what is going on and I would be now deciding my next course of it is Ive been left waiting for yet another date for the actual scan.

The appointment didn't start well, with the nurse doing my weight & height and making me feel like a complete and utter freak in the process......ok i have a low bmi and i am what you would class as 'skinny' but it certainly ain't through lack of eating (which is what i felt like she was implying).....i am sick to death of having to explain and defend myself to the hilt about my body size......i started reeling off my word perfect spiel (I've had to say it that many times) 'i was born like this, i was under the hospital until i was 7 with them performing all sorts of tests to see what was wrong with me, for them to finally put it down to the fact i simply don't carry body fat and will always be like it and that I'm perfectly healthy, the fact I've had 5 children and yes i do eat....lots!....and I've been to countless doctors through my life asking them if they've come up with a genius solution to gain weight to be told simply to eat more :S 

The P.I.P. breast implants I had fitted near on 9 years ago were to help me feel more like a woman rather than being stuck in a child's body and they have given me a lot more confidence over the years and stopped me looking as much like a stick insect.

The lecture from the surgeon involved him performing his sales pitch on me that he had his own 'private practice', maybe in the hope I would throw some money his way?? and also to be told that on 1 hand if I took the actual clinic where I originally had them done to court they should really in theory have to pay out due to them putting faulty items in me (he refereed to it as buying a faulty toaster hmmmm) and then on the other hand if I did take them to court theres no 1 to sue because no ones taking the blame cos they aren't really at fault????  
It all left me in a bit of a daze and weepy and I just ended up sitting there with his waffling drifting off  into the distance.
I finally snapped out of my daze and asked him if I was even going to have my scan that day because this is what i was lead to believe i was actually there for.....he finally booked me in for a scan after more waffling.
Finishing on him making me feel like i had to give him a decision there and then on what i wanted to happen after the scan depending on the results.
By this point I politely said 'please can I just have the scan first and see if there is a problem and then I will decide what I am going to do'

So once again I'm left waiting and still none the wiser about anything apart from the impending feeling of eventually my bank account being a light lighter than it should be to sort out this mess

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