Friday, 18 May 2012

Flashback Friday - Waiting


  1. Why did you move to Cyprus ? Work or just a change of life? It must have been a great experience but there's no place like home is there? Glad you are all happier since you returned , life must be so much better now xx

  2. For both reasons, we always wanted to live abroad and decided to just go for it.....we worked harder over there than we ever have over here but it was worth it for the change of life, at the time.
    Im glad we did it, its gave the kids a great experience (and us) but yes we are glad to be back and I think we appreciate it over here so much more now :)

  3. Lots of waiting..

    In regards to "flashback Friday" badge, while writing your blog post you need to click on HTML (beside COMPOSE) then put the code where-ever you'd like it on your post.. you can then click back on COMPOSE to see how it looks.. Hope that helps somewhat mate!! :)